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Baby Care

It is important to look after your baby’s skin especially newborn babies, as their skin is extremely delicate, thin and much more sensitive than adults, therefore it is vital that their skin is protected by using the right skin care to stay healthy.

Products not designed for babies skin, such as creams, shampoos, soaps, body washes, clothes detergent, dyes in clothing can be harmful, as they contain chemicals and strong fragrances instead of natural botanical based ingredients, which can cause irritation to the skin as well as dryness and rashes.

On today’s market there are a number of baby care products readily available to safely use on your newborn baby, typically these include:

Baby oil –Baby oil is made with mineral oil and fragrance, it is widely used as a massage oil to soothe your baby’s skin
Baby lotion – Baby lotion moisturises and cleanses baby's delicate skin, it isn’t as rich as adult cream therefore it absorbs more easily
Petroleum jelly - Petroleum jelly is widely used to treat nappy rash as it acts as a barrier so that no excrement or urine gets onto the rash making it worse.
Baby clothes detergent and fabric softener – it is important to look out for products free from fragrances, as they can irritate delicate baby skin.
Baby shampoos, soaps and washes – these are less harsh than adult products as they contain no chemicals or perfumes
Nappy rash cream – soothes and treats nappy rash, whilst also acting as a barrier cream so that no excrement or urine gets onto the rash making it worse.
Eczema creams – in young babies eczema is common especially on the cheeks, forehead, and scalp, cortisone creams may help, as they reduce redness and inflammation

For a wide range of baby care products be sure to browse The Health Bay.

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Baby Care

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