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Face Care & Eye Care

It is important to look after your skin by maintaining a healthy skincare regime, as it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, whilst also helping to keep the skin looking as youthful as possible, as well as preventing skin irritations, such as spots and acne.

To maintain your skin, it is recommended that you stick to a daily skincare routine, this usually consists of the following four steps, cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise, by carrying out these simple steps you will start to see a difference to your skin. It is equally important to look after your eyes and the skin around them, as they’re the first areas to show signs of stress and age.

On today’s market there are literally thousands of face care products available, typically these include anti-aging creams, moisturisers, lotions, serums, exfoliators, and cleansers, which have various uses and benefits.

  • Anti-aging creams - Anti-aging creams help you look and feel younger, by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also moisturising, leaving your face smooth, soft, supple and radiant. 
  • Lotions – Lotions are great for people who have naturally oily skin and prone to breakouts, as they are less thick than creams meaning they are light and absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a residue
  • Moisturisers – moisturisers help to keep the skin hydrated. Moisturisers come in two forms, water in oil (W/O) and oil in water (O/W). The water in oil formulas are richer and thicker therefore they take care of dry skin, whilst oil in water based moisturisers works best with those who suffer from oily or combinational skin.
  • Serums – serums include vitamins and minerals that help balance moisture within the skin, whilst also helping to control breakouts. Popular products contain natural ingredients such as algae, vitamin C, aloe, honey, garlic kelp or green tea.
  • Exfoliators – exfoliators help rejuvenate your skin, regular exfoliation helps remove ingrained dirt, and flakes of dry, old skin, enabling the absorption of moisturisers and lotions
  • Cleansers – cleansers cleanse the skin by gently removing dirt, impurities from the environment and excess toxins from the skin 
  • Eye creams - eye creams help to fade dark circles and puffiness below the eyes, whilst smoothing and reducing the appearance of fine lines, correcting early signs of ageing. This is owing to eye creams containing a number of ingredients that promote new cell growth, which increases the production of collagen and elastin production. They are also less irritating than typical facial moisturisers, milder and free of fragrances.

For a wide range of face care and eye cream products be sure to browse The Health Bay.

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Face Care & Eye Care

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