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The Big Health Recipe Challenge - £250 in Prizes!

Bloggers! Do you enjoy creative cooking and coming up with new recipes?  Do you want a chance to win vouchers and feature in a published recipe eBook?  If you answered 'YES!', we've got a health based challenge for you.

It's getting towards that time of year, when once we've filled out bellies with turkey, mince pies and yet more turkey, some of us make our crazy new years resolutions about getting back into shape and being more healthy.

With this in mind, The Health Bay are asking bloggers to submit a recipe that is as healthy, as it is tasty.

For those that enter we are offering the following voucher prizes:

- 1st place: £175 vouchers to spend at The Health Bay
- 2nd place: £50 vouchers to spend at The Health Bay
- 3rd place: £25 vouchers to spend at The Health Bay

We will also be compiling all entries into an eBook, that will be available for free download. Each recipe will be credited to the author with a bio and a link to their website. We will also be promoting the eBook once it is created.

All you have to do to enter is:

1. Write a new health focused recipe on your blog, along with step by step instructions on how to make it. Including images and alternative dietary options are welcomed.

2. Add our Big Recipe Book Challenge badge to your entry using this image code: 

<a href=""><img src=""></a> 


3. Notify us of your entry by emailing us at:

Winning entries will be selected at the end of January 2015.


All we ask is that recipes must be your own creation. Entries that have been published anywhere else before your blog will be discarded, you modify an existing recipe, however you should reference the original in your entry.

Last entry date is January 18th.

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