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The Lepicol company was established from my experience of debilitating Irritable Bowel Syndrome more than 16 years ago. What that experience taught me was that you are what you eat and the food really, truly is your medicine. Traditional medicine had no answer to my problem so I turned to some self help. With the help of an enlightened naturopath I was eventually able to overcome my problems with diet and the help of three natural ingredients. I am happy to say I have been free of Irritable Bowel Syndrome ever since.

It is my firm belief that prevention is better than cure and that getting to the root of any health problem is better served by trying to look at the causes and treat them as far as possible rather than just treating the symptoms in isolation. Diet and nutrition are such powerful tools in the fight against disease yet traditional medicine largely ignores them. There have been over 10,000 studies carried out on probiotics and their benefit to bowel and overall health yet even now they are largely ignored by most doctors.

Who would have thought that Turmeric, - the spice you eat in your curries would be shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory attributes which have been shown - in several studies - to reduce the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns.
Your bowels are the end part of your waste elimination system which comprises your skin, kidneys, liver and lymphatic system. Your whole body and how it cleanses itself of unwanted waste depends on your bowels functioning efficiently. If your bowels are not eliminating efficiently and waste matter hangs around too long, then this can put stresses on other parts of the elimination system. This is why many naturopaths believe that your health begins in your colon.

It is reckoned that 80% of bowel disease can be prevented. This means your bowel health largely depends on you - your lifestyle and what you eat.
Constipation is a western problem. And now, so are Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diverticulitis, laxative addiction, anal fissures, haemorrhoids, sluggishness, fatigue, bloating and so on.

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