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Lifes2good Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes.  It accelerates the natural healing process, provides natural pain relief, and improves sleep without any adverse side effects.

Magnetic Therapy is:

•    Safe
•    Drug free
•    Cost effective 
•    Easy to use method of self-treatment, without any side effects.
•    Discreet

The Lifes2good Magnetic Therapy range consists of wraps and bracelets which can be worn to help relieve pain. The range includes the following which can be used to target areas of pain in the body: Back Wrap, Shoulder Wrap, Neck/Head Wrap, Elbow Wrap, Wrist Wrap, Knee Wrap, Ankle Wrap, Silver/Gold Wire Bracelet, Silver/Gold Link Bracelet, Male/Female Insoles and Magnetic Patches.

Magnetic Therapy and Negative Ions:

To supplement the benefits of magnet therapy, negative ions have been added to some of the wraps. Negative ions naturally exist in the environment however they are diminished by pollution. Therefore, there is a lack of natural negative ions in suburban area. Negative ions are used by our bodies to help maintain its natural balance. They do this by encouraging blood circulation and metabolism that aids the body’s natural detoxing process. Positive effects have been seen with pain relief, blood-purification, sleep quality and stress.

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