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Sports evolved, so have we. Give yourself the edge – choose Lucozade Sport. The Lucozade Sport Science Academy, part of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies, was founded in 2003 to further develop the area of sports nutrition, share expertise and help improve performance.
This has enabled us to stay at the top of our game, providing a performance edge to all sports and exercise participants, no matter what their level. Our collaborations with The Premier League, Flora London marathon, UK Athletics and over 60 other sporting bodies, mean that we are constantly evolving to ensure we have the best range of highest quality, safe products to provide a performance edge to sports and exercise participants at all levels.
Drawing on over 35 years of experience, we continue to work closely with leading coaches, elite athletes, academics and sports professionals to advance our knowledge and understanding of what it takes to succeed at the highest level. Our focus:
To translate this expertise into products scientifically proven to enhance performance, trusted by athletes, and tested to ensure they are free from WADA listed prohibited substances.
To educate serious and elite athletes on the demands of sport, the benefits of nutrition and the development of practical strategies to enhance performance.
At Lucozade Sport, we believe that to achieve the quality of your training and maximise adaptations, it is essential that you consume a diet that matches the demands placed upon the body. That is, a varied, nutrient rich, well balanced, high carbohydrate diet derived from natural food sources. This is the foundation of the 'athletic diet'.
However, we recognise that not all athletes consume a varied or balanced diet, either due to individual factors (energy restriction, poor food choices and/or preferences) or situational factors (lifestyle, training volume, travel). Furthermore, there are a handful of functional ingredients, scientifically proven to enhance performance that may be best provided as a product or 'supplement'.
The sports nutrition world is full of mixed messages, myths and unfortunately, poor practice. In collaborating with leading academics and supporting elite coaches, athletes and applied practitioners, it remains our mission to lead the field of sports nutrition. We are dedicated to providing individuals with the latest advances in sport science and nutrition, how it can support health and performance, and crucially, how to develop practical strategies that meet the demands of individuals, specific sports, and those competing in challenging environments.
The new range focuses on all aspects of sport in order to improve athletic performance, not just hydration including Fuel, Focus, Recovery and Strength.

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