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Mitoku Company, Ltd. has been the leading exporter of high quality traditional Japanese natural and organic foods for more than 30 years. In 1968, when Mr. Michio Kushi, leader of the international macrobiotic movement, was searching for premium quality natural and traditional foods to distribute in the United States, he was introduced to Mr. Akiyoshi Kazama, founder and president of Mitoku Company, Ltd. in Tokyo. "It was not long before I realized that I had found the one person with whom I could share my dream of a healthy, happy, peaceful human race on this planet," said Kushi.

Since that time, Mitoku's purpose has been to introduce to the West the highest quality foods with an "Authentic Taste of Traditional Japan." We strongly believe that the diet that developed in Japan over the past several centuries can make a great contribution to the Western world in its search for foods that are not only wholesome, nutritious and health-promoting, but also delicious, attractive and satisfying.

To that end, Mr. Kazama searched Japan and formed relationships with producers who are loyal to the traditional Japanese taste, ingredients and production methods, and we have delivered only these authentic foods to customers around the world. These specially selected products are prepared according to our rigorous quality standards. Many of our producers are long-established family enterprises who closely follow the traditional manufacturing techniques of their ancestors, with an integrity and consciousness that is rare in present day food processing. To prepare such high quality food, using only the finest ingredients and without cutting any corners, demands the highest level of expertise and dedication by skilled craftsmen.

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