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What’s in it? Does it do the business? How can it satisfy both ends of the active spectrum? – Good question. MuleBar is used by the likes of Javi Gomez Noya, 2008 World ITU Triathlete Champion. The England Rugby team eat MuleBar and so do 17 of the best riders in The Tour de France. See information on our Mules for more. MuleBars work on a very simple premise: that what is natural is good. What is carefully selected for the unique energy giving potential is good. A natural mixture of ingredients made the way nature intended and picked for their broad spectrum of energy providing sugars and fats makes for the perfect bar, fuel with flavour, is good. The more processing, the more additives, the more artificial ingredients a bar has the more likely it will not make for a better energy bar, especially if talking about improving your performance and health. The same applies for any other activity too. The more additives put into a human body, the more the body has to work to process them and the more time the body is working in that way, the lower the performance level. When you’re out on the trail, when you’re competing, racing or working through a tough day, the body responds much better to foods it knows already, foods it has no problem digesting.

Reasons Why MuleBar:

• MuleBars give you energy. We can’t say it clearer than that.
• They’re tasty, try one. We know that sounds silly but a lot of energy bars taste and feel like cardboard
• We use organic and Fairtrade ingredients wherever possible and are committed to having all our products totally organic and Fairtrade as soon as the ingredients are available.
• You know what you’re eating
• You can recognise the ingredients
• They are “real food”
• More and more of the world’s top athletes are fuelling up with MuleBar; and we mean Tour de France winners, World champion Ultraman racers,

Ironman competitors and triathletes, footballers, World Cup winning rugby players, surfers, sailors, kite surfers, kayakers, downhill (and uphill) Mountainbikers, High altitude mountaineers, free climbers, slackliners, rollers skaters, bladers, boarders and skiers, frisbee players, sculptors, winemakers and dairy farmers (yes really), golfers, gymnasts and yes, last but not least, even crossword setters. (Please write to us if you are not included here.)

• We actively aim to compensate for our business and personal footprint on the planet as a 1% For the Planet member
• MuleBars are a great everyday snack no matter what you’re doing – so many press reviews end with wording like “this is good enough to eat when you’re NOT on your bike.”

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