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Optibac Probiotics

OptiBac Probiotics were created by Wren Laboratories,  a young, UK-based company that focuses solely on probiotics and prebiotics. Thanks to our expertise in probiotics, we offer our customers much more than a simple yoghurt or vitamin with some acidophilus thrown in…
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A healthy human gut should have a rich variety of probiotics, as different species have different beneficial properties on the body, and colonise different regions of the intestines.

Each OptiBac Probiotics formula contains well-researched and documented probiotic strains that have been specifically selected for the clinically proven health benefits that they convey. This way, you can find the natural probiotic solution that’s right for you.

The robust probiotic strains in the OptiBac range undergo rigorous testing to ensure their survival in the harshly acidic environment of the stomach, so that they can make their way in a viable form to the small and large intestines where they can exert the full extent of their probiotic health benefits.

Only strains that meet the following criteria are utilised in OptiBac formulations:-
•    Compelling record for safe consumption, natural and beneficial to the human gut and recognised on GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) lists.
•     Number of live probiotics indicated is guaranteed until the Best Before date.
•    Shelf stable – no need for refrigeration
•    Ability to survive gastric acidity and bile salts during intestinal transit
•    Significant research and documentation on their probiotic health benefits
•    All natural, no added sugars, preservatives or sweeteners.
What do probiotics do?
•    Probiotics support digestive health by producing specific enzymes needed in the digestion of particular substances.  Probiotics also improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream, as well as producing B complex vitamins and vitamin K.
•    Probiotics support immunity by stimulating the body’s natural defences and by lining the intestines with a protective layer of friendly bacteria that bars pathogenic substances in the gut from harming the body.  As two-thirds of the body's immune system is managed in the gut, it is important to keep one's probiotic levels high.
A delicate balance

•    A healthy gut must have a good balance of friendly probiotic bacteria (such as Lactobacillus acidophilus) over bad pathogenic bacteria (such as Streptococcus aureus). However, this balance is fragile and easily disrupted by everyday factors such as stress, dietary habits, environment, medication (e.g. antibiotics) and ageing.

•    Disruptions to the balance of friendly bacteria in our gut can compromise the digestive and protective roles they play and lead to poor digestion, lowered natural immunity and conditions such as diarrhoea, constipation, excessive gas, bloating and yeast infections such as thrush (generally cause by Candida overgrowth).

•    Research has shown the benefits to digestion, health and immunity for people who supplement their levels of probiotic bacteria. 
OptiBac Probiotics and their benefits

•    OptiBac Probiotics offer a range of formulations tailored to support specific health conditions.  Each formulation contains specific probiotic strains that have undergone significant research and testing; all of them are natural, free from sugar and preservatives, and shelf-stable.

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