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PhD Nutrition

We take Sports Nutrition seriously:

PhD demand perfection, both within our product range and our team of experts. We deliver results, strive to ensure you achieve your objectives and invest in the future of the athletic lifestyle. Our team is passionate about what we do, we’re all serious athletes and apply our own model of success to ensuring PhD becomes the number-one sports nutrition solution. PhD manufactures nutrition supplements, sports nutrition, that deliver nutrition health.

Manufactured in the UK by experts:

Our team of product development experts research and design  the best and most innovative products money can buy. The PhD Nutrition product manufacturing plant carries the BRC Global standard food manufacturing award, as accredited by the CMI.

Team PhD vision:

Investing in athletes and to create the number-one sports nutrition and lifestyle brand for the future.

Sporting values:

We firmly believe that premium sports nutrition is for everyone. We can all benefit from quality sports supplementation which is why we work closely with athletes from all sporting backgrounds and sectors, young and old, beginner to experienced.

PhD promise to the environment:

Conscious of the current problems within the world at large, PhD Nutrition have made their stand in the often-blinkered world of sports nutrition. The new Pharma-whey eco-pouch is recyclable as well as fantastically-easy to use and carry around at your convenience.

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