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Our products are special because……

They do not contain steroids or any artificial additives. Since we know that 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies we only use 100% pure and natural ingredients. This is particularly important for sore and sensitive skin. It is of even greater significance for tender, new skin and so we have developed a range of pure and natural baby products to care for little ones.

Every one of our ingredients has a specific function. Nothing extra is added to make the salves look pretty or feel creamy and light. We do not use synthetic colours or fragrances or add water to bulk out our products. Everything we put into our products is there for a reason and because of this they provide a deeper nourishment and moisture than most other skin preparations.

We use hemp oil, revered for centuries for its incredible moisturizing effect. Hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) which the skin of eczema sufferers often lacks.

We use herbs that have been traditionally chosen for their specific qualities – to reduce heat, ease itching and calm and heal the skin. We also use beeswax as a base to help seal the nourishment into the skin.
Skin salvation has proved to be an excellent soothing moisturizer for thousands of people who have found it to be an enormous relief from conventional, prescribed treatments. Even in extreme circumstances skin salvation can be used alongside other medication to sooth and moisturize affected skin.

Our products do not contain…

Synthetic fragrances, preservatives, mass-produced bases, artificial ingredients, unnecessary additives or any substances known to be harmful to the skin.

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