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Bio Health

Bio-Health's range of pure herbal products is not intended to supplement a poor diet with nutrients, vitamins or fibre. Although many herbs naturally contain trace elements and some vitamins, the amount to be gained (unless added) would be variable and minimal. Herbs are traditionally regarded as having special benefits for health maintenance, and are a natural adjunct to a considered diet and holistic approach to staying well.
In one form or another, wild or cultivated herbs have been used by people throughout history. In recent times, trusted plants have been subjected to scientific analysis and research. Herbs are widely relied on around the world for a variety of health reasons and by the many people seeking a more gentle and natural approach to healthcare.
In today's high-pressured environment, the public seek natural substances more than ever before. They rightly deserve herbal products to be of the highest quality and made with care and expertise.
The new Bio-Health additive free range is made from specially selected herbs, gathered fresh, then dried, powdered and encapsulated under strict quality control. Our encapsulation techniques are the best available, allowing each capsule shell to be filled to full capacity, guaranteeing optimum quality of ingredient. No additives of any sort are used in Bio-Health's "Pure-fil" range. Just the purest, best quality powdered herbs. Nothing else is needed....with a little help from Bio-Health, Nature did it all

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