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Joint Health

Joint health

It is important to look after your joints, after all the bones and joints work together for the body to move. The majority of joints in the human body have cartilage on the end of the bones where they come together. Healthy cartilage helps you move by letting bones float and glide on top of one another. In addition to this it also protects bones by stopping them from rubbing against each other.

How to help maintain healthy joints?

Diet – It is important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, eating unprocessed foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruit and low fat diary products, such as cheese and milk. Foods high in proteins such as lean meats, eggs, beans, fish and nuts. Processed foods, often contain trans fat, refined carbohydrates, and preservatives that can often lead to increased inflammation throughout the body, including your joints.

Exercise – It is important to get up and move, being physically active is key to keeping your joints healthy. Regular exercise keeps the muscles surrounding your joints healthy, strong and functioning the way they should.

Many people take dietary supplements to help maintain healthy joints and soothe any joint pains. On today's market there is an abundance of supplements available including; glucosamine and chondroitin which can help reduce joint pain; fish oils such as cod liver oil, vitamin C, omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 as well as pycnogenol.

Look after your joints with a wide range of products and supplements available at The Health Bay.

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Joint Health

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