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Menopause affects every woman differently, with the average age of menopause 51 years old, however menopause can occur as early as your 30s or as late as your 60s. Menopause occurs when the ovaries stop functioning and menstrual periods cease.

Menopause occurs gradually over a period of time, it does not occur overnight, however can vary from woman to woman.
Symptoms of menopause include:

- Hot flushes and sweats, most commonly occurring at night
- Loss of libido
- Mood changes, such as anxiety, tiredness or depression
- Insomnia and other sleeping problems
- Heart palpitations
- Headaches
- Vaginal dryness and pain, itching or discomfort during sex
- Vaginal and Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

There are a number of supplements on today's market that could be beneficial for symptoms during menopause, ensuring you have the right amount of nutrients. These supplements include:

Vitamin C and E - Both vitamin C and E are beneficial during menopause, Vitamin C contains bioflavonoids, which have been shown to help reduce hot flushes. In addition to this vitamin C and E encourage the build up of collagen which gives skin its elasticity, for this reason it is and it is therefore helpful in the prevention and treatment of vaginal dryness.

Vitamin B – Vitamin B is extremely beneficial during menopause, especially when you’re under a great deal of stress or suffering from reduced energy levels. Vitamin B will help give your adrenal glands a rest bite, which is vitally important during menopause.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D can be beneficial during the menopause due to its many properties

Magnesium – Magnesium can help with symptoms such as mood changes, anxiety, tiredness and depression. It is also a crucial mineral for your bones so it important that you have sufficient levels in your body

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Omega 3 fatty acids can help with many symptoms often associated with the menopause, they also help to lubricate the body and can help with vaginal dryness

In addition to vitamins and minerals there is also an array of herbs available that can help alleviate a number of symptoms during the menopause, including:

- Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) – can help with night sweats and hot flushes
- Ginkgo Biloba – helps rejuvenate the brain, improving the memory
- Sage – to help control hot flushes and night sweats
- Agnus Castus (Vitex agnus castus) – helps to balance hormones
- Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) – said to help control night sweats and hot flushes
- For a wide range of menopause products and supplements browse The Health Bay

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