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Oral & Nasal Health

What is oral health?

It is important to look after your teeth and gums, as research suggests that the health of your mouth reflects the condition of your body. Regularly visiting a dentist can help to keep your mouth healthy, whilst also allowing your dentist to examine any other health issues.

On today’s market there are a number of products available from toothpastes to toothbrushes to mouthwashes and dental flosses. It is important when selecting a toothpaste that it contains fluoride, as research has shown it helps to prevent teeth cavities from forming. Mouthwashes not only help to combat bad breath, but can also help prevent gum disease, as a result of them reducing the level of bacteria found in dental plaque.

What is nasal health?

The nose has two functions, firstly it provides an opening for smelling and secondly it provides an important airway into the lungs. A healthy nose sifts particles from the airway much more efficiently than an unhealthy nose would, therefore it is important to look after your nose. A continuous runny or blocked nose can often result in headaches and lead to other discomforts.

There are a number of nasal sprays available to help decongest and clear the airways or relieve symptoms of sinus. Other products include lozenges that may help relief blocked noses, making breathing easier.

For a wide range of oral and nasal products browse The Health Bay.

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Oral & Nasal Health

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