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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Whether you are in a relationship, have just started dating or have many different partners, it is important to take care of your sexual wellbeing.

On today’s market there are a number of specially formulated sexual health supplements available, for him or her, which can help increase libido, vitality and improve your overall sexual experience, typically these include:

Ginseng - A herb, which is thought to work by helping the body produce more nitric oxide, helping give you more energy, it has also been suggested it may help improve mood.

Ginkgo biloba - Ginkgo biloba is one of the longest living tree species in the world, it has been suggested it may help with sexual dysfunction

Horny Goat Weed – Horny goat weed is wild plant that grows at higher altitudes, it has been said to increase erectile dysfunction in men and enhance sexual libido in both woman and men.

In addition to these natural supplements, there are a number of other products that can be used to help aid a healthy sexual relationship, such as vaginal gels, which not only lubricate, but gently nourishes dry sensitive vaginal skin to leave it feeling moistened and soft.

When in a sexual relationship, condoms are important as they protect you against infection and any unwanted pregnancy. Furthermore they offer some protection against STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV.

For a wide range of sexual health supplements and products browse The Health Bay.

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Sexual Health

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