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What is garlic?

Garlic, also referred to as Allium sativum, is an invasive plant native to Europe, it has a history of being used as more than just a herb, and has been used for thousands of years as a herbal remedy. The garlic plant's bulb is the most commonly used part of the plant and is universally used as a culinary seasoning for food.

Garlic contains high levels of manganese, calcium, vitamin B1, B6 and vitamin C, copper, potassium, phosphorous, selenium and tryptophan.

What is garlic used for?

Garlic is used for a variety of health conditions owing to its therapeutic benefits and can be taken orally in dietary supplements or applied topically as a skin cream or ointment. Garlic can be used to treat a number of human ailments, typically these include:

  • Antibacterial and Antiviral - Garlic is often referred to as a natural antibiotic as it helps fight bacteria and viruses associated with colds and flu. 
  • Skin conditions – garlics high concentration of the chemical ajoene may help relieve fungal skin infections such as athlete’s foot.
  • Blood pressure – garlic may have a significant impact on your blood pressure, some suggest it can help drastically reduce blood pressure, slashing the risk of a heart attack or stroke
  • Blood thinning - Garlic contains a high concentration of ajoene which is known for its blood clotting properties, preventing the formation of blood clots in the body
  • Heart Health – garlic may help reduce cardiovascular risks such as heart attacks, in addition to this it can also help promote heart health. 
  • Reduce cholesterol – garlic can help lower cholesterol, impeding the build up of plaque, which can often lead to clogged arteries, high blood pressure, stroke, or heart attacks. 
  • Allergies – garlic has long been used to treat common allergies, this is owing to garlics anti-inflammatory properties
  • Toothache – when applied directly to the affected tooth garlic can help alleviate pain 
  • Cancer – some studies have suggested that consuming garlic daily may help lower the risk of cancer 
  • Diabetes – some research suggests that garlic helps increase insulin release, regulating blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Garlic is most commonly available in tablet and capsule form, for a range of garlic products and supplements be sure to browse The Health Bay.

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