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What is ginseng?

Ginseng is a type of slow-growing perennial plant native to East Asia and North America. The plant plant grows an underground tuber, or rhizome reffered to as the ginseng root, this root is used for its medicinal properties and is often heralded as one of the most popular herbal remedies in the world.
Ginseng is known to be an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body restore itself to health. Ginseng also contains a number of active substances called ginsenosides or panaxosides that are thought to be responsible for its medicinal effects.

What can ginseng be used for?

Ginseng is used for a variety of health conditions owing to its therapeutic benefits and can be taken orally in dietary supplements. Ginseng can be used to treat a number of human ailments, typically these include:

  • Period pains – ginseng may help relieve discomfort during the menstrual cycle, especially those suffering from period cramps 
  • Relieve stress – owing to ginseng’s stimulant properties, it may help lower stress levels, making you feel calmer and more relaxed, whilst also boosting your energy levels. 
  • Cancer – some studies indicate that people who consume ginseng regularly are at less of a risk of developing cancer
  • Libido – ginseng may help increase libido levels due to it being a natural aphrodisiac 
  • Weight loss – ginseng is a natural appetite suppressant, therefore it may help you in your goals to loose weight.
  • Anti-ageing –ginseng may help reduce the signs of ageing owing to its high levels of antioxidants, which help to protect cells from damage caused by molecules called free radicals. 
  • Promote brain health – owing to gingers stimulant properties it can help to stimulate brain cells improving memory, concentration and thinking capabilities

Ginseng is most commonly available in tablet, capsules, chews, extract, and in liquid and oil form, for a range of ginseng products and supplements be sure to browse The Health Bay.

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