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What is silica?

Silica is a trace mineral that is vital in the development and formation of collagen. It is often heralded for its beauty credentials, as it provides strength and elasticity to all connective tissue and cartilage such as, the muscles, joints, tendons, hair, brittle nails, cartilage and bone, and healthy skin, helping promote them in younger life whilst revitalising them as they age.

Silica can be absorbed naturally through our daily diet, as it is found naturally in a number of foods, such as green vegetables; leeks, asparagus, beans, raw cabbage, fruits such as strawberries, apples, oranges, rhubarb and mango, as well as oats, cereals and unrefined grains, almonds

What can Silica be used for?

Silica is used to treat a variety of medical conditions owing to its many benefits. It is multipurpose and an effective natural supplement, which can be taken orally Silica can be used to treat a wide range of human ailments, typically these include:

  • Helping prevent premature ageing by preserving the skins youthfulness and delaying the ageing process 
  • Joint health – Silica may help those suffering from arthritis or rheumatism, as the nutrients found in silica helps replenish cartilage in the joints 
  • Heart health – Silica may reduce the effects of heart and coronary disease 
  • Hypertension – Silica may help lower high blood pressure
  • Kidney health - Silica may help relief the pain of kidney stones, in addition to promoting a healthy urinary tract, heal any infections that may already be in place
  • Cell health – Silica is said to be effective in promoting effectiveness in promoting cell and tissue repair and overall health
  • Prevents alopecia, or thinning hair 
  • Hair health – Silica helps to promote strong and shiny hair 
  • Promotes nervous system health

Silica is most commonly available as oral capsules and tablets it can also be taken as an extract and in topical forms such as creams and gels, for a range of Silica products and supplements be sure to browse The Health Bay.

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