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Mother & Baby

Mother & Baby

For every parent or parent-to-be, the sheer amount of products available on the market for baby’s health and wellbeing can be somewhat overwhelming, especially for first time mums and dads. Big items such as pushchairs and cots usually spring to mind first, but what about the essential items baby care products that are essential so baby is kept happy and healthy? There is a massive market for these types of products, and it’s important that parents know that what they are buying for their little ones is of the best quality.

Essential baby care products can be split down into several different categories, including oils and lotions, laundry products and toiletries. As babies have such delicate skin, the products we stock here at TheHealthBay are designed to soothe and protect against irritation, rashes and soreness. Take our Calendula baby lotion, for example, or our organic cotton baby wipes  both of these have been formulated especially to make sure that baby does not suffer any irritation after use.

As well as our baby care products, we also sell Nanny Goat milk nutrition, an organic alternative to other milk follow on products on the market. This products contains no added sucrose and glucose-syrups and is fortified to ensure that baby’s nutritional needs are met.

We also sell a range of child’s pyjamas that are specially impregnated with GLA, which works to alleviate the symptoms and soothe itchy, dry skin. These are available in ages 3-10.

Every parents wants to buy the best for his or her child, and by visiting, you’ve come to the right place. To find out more about us, or the other health and wellbeing products we have on offer, please visit our about us and contact us  pages.

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Mother & Baby

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