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Cleaning Products

Nowadays more and more people are starting to acknowledge the importance of living a more environmentally friendly life, which not only includes recycling but using organic, natural, eco-friendly cleaning products that are less harmful to the environment, this is because they don’t contain any unkind, toxic chemicals, allowing you to thoroughly clean your house without the harmful chemicals typically found in traditional cleaning products.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are much safer for you and your family’s health, as they contain only natural ingredients, therefore they are less likely to cause any allergic reactions, such as skin and eye irritation. Infants and children are often much more susceptible to chemicals and toxins found in regular cleaning products, this is owing to their organs and immune systems not being fully developed, as a result of this certain chemicals may interfere with the development of their nervous systems and immune systems.

Eco-friendly products are less likely to damage surfaces or the finish on your furniture as they don’t contain harsh chemicals, which can often harm and strip the polish off surfaces. Organic products use ingredients such as, lemon, essential oils, white vinegar, natural soap, sodium borate, isopropyl alcohol and sodium carbonate, which deliver a high class, cleaning performance.

On today’s market there are a vast array of organic, eco-friendly cleaning products available, such as washing up liquid, surface cleaner, furniture polish, window cleaners, air freshener, dishwasher tablets, clothes detergent, stain remover, drain cleaner, antibacterial cleaning wipes and much more. Typically organic cleaning products are more expensive than standard household cleansers, however the benefits you receive by protecting both yourself and your environment ultimately makes them a worthwhile investment.

For a wide range of eco-friendly, organic cleaning products be sure to browse The Health Bay.

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Cleaning Products

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