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Pet Food

Our pets health is so close to hearts, therefore it is important that they are fed a delicious diet rich in nutrition and health benefits. Organic pet food is made without the use of synthetic materials such as chemical fertilisers, feed additives and pesticides, instead they contain fresh ingredients, organic meat and relatively low cereal and grain content - everything your pet needs for lifelong health and vitality!

Organic pet foods come with an abundance of benefits, that will keep your pets healthy and happy, these include:

  • Nutrients – organic pet food is packed full of essential nutrients, ensuring it delivers the right balance of goodness pets require to maintain optimum health and energy
  • Pesticides – organic pet food doesn’t contain pesticides, which can often lead to harmful side effects 
  • Less food required – organic pet food by be slightly more expensive than standard pet food, however they contain higher levels of nutrition meaning your pet will need less food per serving
  • Boosts immune system - organic pet food provides your pet with better overall health and stronger immunity, owing to it containing wholesome organic ingredients rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, keeping your pet at the top of their game and at peak performance
  • Fewer allergies - it is often said, if your pet suffers from allergies switching to organic pet food may help alleviate allergy symptoms 
  • Longer life expectancy – providing your pet with organic food can help increase your pet's life expectancy as well as improving their quality of life.

For a wide range of organic pet food be sure to check out The Health Bay.

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Pet Food

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