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Here at we stock a range of products for all your diet needs. By buying direct from us online,you are guaranteed to get the best price available (up to 90% off high street prices), and your purchases are delivered right to your front door; a complete hassle free shopping experience.

One of our most popular ranges is the American nutritional brand Atkins. Known for it’s low-carb ethos in its diet plans, Atkins now also makes a range of diet products including snack and breakfast bars, shakes and sweets.  These products appeal to a wide audience of not just followers of the Atkins diet, but those who are looking for a healthy and more weight conscious alternative when snacking.

Atkins makes a variety of sweet like treats that all have a high protein and low carb content. These are divided into three different ranges;  Atkins Advantage, which is a range of bars and shakes that are perfect for snacking on whilst still being healthy and keeping you on the right diet track, Atkins Day Break bars, which help you have a perfect start to your day, as they are made from the perfect mix of protein, fiber and calcium, and Atkins Endulge, which is a range of bars and sweets, that will still satisfy your sweet tooth, but only contain one gram of sugar.

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