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Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, run faster or get leaner and more defined, Maximuscle has a product to help you. Founded in 1995 by sports nutrition expert Zef Eisenberg, Maximuscle embodies the notion that through commitment and understanding, your physique goals can be easily achieved and your sporting performance surpassed.


 The UK's number one sports nutrition supplier, Maximuscle has grown at a phenomenal rate by focusing on highly effective research-supported formulas that deliver what they promise. By making great tasting, science supported, safe products easily available, Maximuscle has helped sports people - from the gym enthusiast to the elite Olympian - realise their full potential. Maximuscle provide a wide range of sports supplements including protein muscle gain products, weight loss and toning products, energy and recovery products.
In the last decade Maximuscle has led by example. It has spearheaded the effort to bring sports nutrition into the mainstream, and to clean up the industry's image by providing effective products that do what they say on the tin: whether it’s helping you gain muscle, lose excess fat, recover faster, stay nourished, Maximuscle has the widest selection of specialised products in its sector.


 Not only do Maximuscle products work, the company lets you know how. Maximuscle is keen to educate you on what is in the products, what they do, and how they work. Maximuscle products are legitimate: tried, tested and guaranteed - and if you don't like the flavour or the mix, we'll bend over backwards to make sure you find the flavour you do like or you'll get your money back. It's our total service commitment to ensure that we do everything we can to help you achieve your physique or fitness goals.


 Maximuscle products are now available everywhere from specialised stores to retailers and supermarkets. Worldwide gym chains Fitness First and Holmes Place also sell a wide range of our products. If you're hungry from that last workout or need to fuel up for the next one, Maximuscle products aren't hard to find. 
Maximuscle products are endorsed by numerous world class athletes, clubs, coaches and sporting bodies - not because of money, but used because they too know that a hard working body, needs high quality, science supported, safe nutrition to fuel and feed it, so it can perform at its best. 
The hardcore bodybuilders training in the gyms across the country are still the lifeblood of Maximuscle. Today sports nutrition is not a secret. Just as years ago the muscle boys knew that to pack on muscle, they needed to put in the right fuel, so too have the dedicated sports men and women of rugby, football, rock climbing, swimming, running and cycling - woken up to this too. It's for this reason that serious health clubs carry Maximuscle products. They realise that members who experience better faster results will stay members for longer and feel better for it.


 One of Maximuscle's great strengths is the breadth of its range. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, run faster or get leaner and more defined, Maximuscle has a product to help you.

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