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Energy bars: What are the benefits?

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete or someone who takes exercise seriously, improving your sports performance is key to achieving your goals. Sports supplements comprise of a number of products consumed to improve athletic performance, they typically include minerals, amino acids, vitamins, herbs, or botanicals, or any combination of these.

Sports supplements help to prolong your exercise and give you an energy boost to help you get the most out of your gym time or training session.

For those wanting a convenient burst of energy to fit in with your active lifestyle, energy bars are great for this, as they are bursting with essential nutrients and energy boosters, what's more they are portable snack so easy to carry around and always have on standby in your gym bag.

Energy bars are typically used as a pre-workout snack or for post-workout recovery, owing to them having a the right balance of fast and slow release carbohydrate, a bit of protein, as well as low levels of fat.

How to choose the right energy bar?

On today’s market there is an abundance of energy bars, designed to improve your energy and endurance whilst working out. The carbohydrates found in energy bars, tend to derive from similar sources, such as rice, oats and corn, other energy bars may include maltodextrin for complex carbs, and dried fruit or fructose for simple carbs.

There are two types of bars available; those that will provide a constant flow of carbohydrates throughout your training session, and replenish the glycogen that you've used during your workout; and those that are high in protein, which are aimed at those wanting to build muscle through body building or through cycling. As they replenish carbohydrates taken out of your muscles during a workout, whilst providing amino acids, helping to restore your muscles.

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