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What is protein?

Protein is fundamental to the human form, playing a critical role in keeping you alive and healthy, apart from water it is the most abundant compound present in body, present in virtually every cell and tissue.

Protein are made from long chains of smaller molecules called amino acids, which are linked together in different patterns to form specific proteins with different characteristics.

There are twenty different amino acids and humans can produce ten of the twenty amino acids, the others can’t be generated by the body so must be obtained from your daily diet, this is because the human body is unable to store excess amino acids.

Protein can be found in numerous foods, including complete proteins, which are made up of animal products such as, pork, chicken, beef, turkey and veal, and incomplete proteins, those found in plant foods, such as nuts, grains and vegetables.

What are the health benefits of protein?

- Enable growth of muscle, organs and blood volume
- Aid development of the immune system
- Affect digestion and metabolism
- Provide energy
- Help repair body tissue
- Transport molecules around the body, for example in haemoglobin in the blood

Importance of protein with athletes

It is important that athletes have a good source of protein in their diets, as the nutrient helps repair and strengthen muscle tissue especially after intense periods of exercise.

An athlete’s protein needs, depends purely on the level of intensity and duration of the activity. Athletes who carry out endurance sports, such as running and cycling are likely to synthesise more protein for fuel, while athletes who’s exercise relies on strength, such as body builders and sprinters, are likely to synthesise less protein for fuel, instead retaining more for muscle development. For this reason, power athletes need to consume a greater amount of protein than endurance athletes.

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All Protein

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