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Casein Protein

What is casein protein?

Casein is the most abundant protein present in milk. The casein family of protein consists of several types of caseins and each has its own amino acid composition, genetic variations, and functional properties. It is relatively insoluble and tends to form structures called micelles that increase solubility in water.

The casein peptides and micelle structure change during the processing of milk, resulting in a gelatinous material being formed. This is one of the reasons why casein has a slower rate of digestion, resulting in a slow but steady release of amino acids into circulation.

On today’s market there are numerous forms of casein protein, which come in many different flavours and price points, offering you a number of advantages.

Benefits of casein protein with athletes:

Casein protein has numerous benefits such as weight management, immune function, and muscle growth.

Casein protein plays an important role for athletes, especially those in weight training, this is owing to it providing a high level of muscle feeding growth, which is optimal for recovery especially after an intense workout when your muscles need it the most
Some studies suggest that the best time to take casein protein is at night, just before bed, this is because sleep tends to be the period when your body goes the longest without any protein source. Casein protein supports the body by helping it avoid absorbing the protein from your muscles due to its slow-digestion process.

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Casein Protein

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