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Egg Protein

What is egg protein?

Eggs are commonly referred to as the elites of proteins, owing to them possessing all eight essential amino acids, branch chain amino acids, and glutamic acid. They are highly nutritious, containing a wealth of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Due to these remarkable credentials, eggs have long been heralded as being a staple food for a bodybuilders diet.

Egg protein is made from egg white and is low in fat and carbs, in addition to being lactose free. It can be consumed in various ways and at any point during the day, the most common consisting of mixing it with milk to form a shake, however there are numerous other way to consumer egg protein, used creatively, you can make anything from scrambled eggs packed full of protein to pancakes.

What are the benefits of egg protein?

Egg protein is beneficial to everyone, however there are additional benefits for those that workout or lift weights regularly, this is due to it's ability to make you recover faster from exercise, allowing you to endure much tougher and intense workout routines minus the rests in between. It has also been said that egg protein can help give a positive affect on your overall fitness and bodybuilding efforts.

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Egg Protein

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