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Soy Protein

What is soy protein?

Soy protein, is a protein derived from the soybean which has been in the food chain for over 5,000 years. It’s often applauded for it being the only plant-based protein that possess high-quality protein, containing all of the essential amino acids in the ratios necessary to support growth and development

Soy protein is abundant in both glutamine and arginine, which are known for their muscle formation qualities. It takes the body longer to digest soy protein, when compared with whey protein, this is because soy has a much slower absorption rate. Owing to this, soy is less effective in rebuilding muscle, but extremely effective in creating new muscle tissue.

What are the benefits of soy protein?

- It is believed that a diet rich in soy protein (at least 4 servings each day) plays a part in reducing cholesterol
- Soy protein is a great substitute for the protein and amino acids normally gained by consuming meat
- It can help create new muscle tissue
- It’s been suggested it can help reduce the risks of colon and prostate cancer
- It’s a great substitute for people who suffer from dairy allergies

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Soy Protein

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