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Fish Oil

Fish Oil: What are the benefits?

Fish oils comes from the tissues of oily fish, also known as fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, trout, tuna, sardines, shellfish and herring. Rich in Omega-3, which plays an important role in brain function, it provides high levels of the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA as well as a small combination of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, B-vitamins, and vitamins A and D. It can be obtained by eating fresh cod liver or by taking supplements

How fish oil helps?

Research suggests that the benefit of taking fish oil derives from the omega-3 fatty acids, as the body doesn’t make its own omega-3 fatty acids.

What can fish oil be used for?

Fish oil can be used to treat a vast array of ailments; it can be used to treat diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, dyslexia and kidney disease. People are also known to take fish oil to treat a number of eye problems, such as glaucoma, and age-related mascular degeneration. a number of woman also use fish oil to prevent severe period pains, breast discomfort and complications related with pregnancy, such as miscarriage and high blood pressure.

Other known uses for fish oil include:

  • Helps improve bone health 
  • Helps to prevent heart disease or stokes 
  • Reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis
  • Helps to preserve lean muscle 
  • Helps to reduce the signs of aging 
  • Helps to improve heart health 
  • Helps to boost brain power and memory
  • Improves fat burning
  • Depression 
  • Relieves arthritis
  • Reduces High blood pressure
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Fish Oil

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