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Vitamin D

Vitamin D: What are the benefits?

Vitamin D also referred to as calciferol is known as the sunshine vitamin since it is manufactured when the skin is exposed to the suns ultraviolet rays. Vitamin D has several important roles in the human body as it helps regulate the quantity of calcium and phosphate, which are required to maintain healthy teeth and bones. Furthermore it helps to support and keep a normal immune system function.

There are very few foods that contain vitamin D organically, however some foods are fortified with it, which means that the vitamin is supplemented into the food. Foods that encompass vitamin D include, fish such as salmon, sardines, oysters and mackerel, meat such as salami, ham and sausages, fortified diary products, fortified cereals, fortified soy products and eggs.

Due to today's busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to obtain the adequate amount of vitamin D through the suns rays and daily food intake alone, therefore it may be beneficial to take a vitamin D supplement.

How can vitamin D help?

It is suggested Vitamin D helps with the following:

  • Immune system, which helps your body to fight infection
  • Muscle function
  • Keeping bones and teeth healthy
  • Cardiovascular function, for a healthy heart and circulation
  • Respiratory system – for healthy lungs and airways
  • Brain development
  • Depression
  • Acne
  • Anti-cancer effects
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Vitamin D

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